Nov 4-7, 2022


Munich Tango Festival

Let’s connect in Tango –
From Munich to the world and back

Nov 4-7, 2022
Munich, Germany


We are happy to celebrate CONEXIÓN, the 7th International Tango Festival Munich to take place again after two years of pause.
We look forward to welcoming and embracing you and many other dancers from all over the world in the very heart of the beautiful city of Munich.

Program and Booking

Four Days and Nights of Tango


Dance with us in the beautiful baroque Silbersaal in the very heart of Munich

The historic Silbersaal (Silver Hall) is a baroque gem located in the Deutsches Theater in the inner center of Munich. It is the only room left of the original theater, dating back to 1896, as the rest of the building was destroyed by bombings in 1943 and only rebuilt in the mid-50ies. The Silbersaal impresses with its abundant ornate stucco, beautifully preserved ceiling fresco and both mysterious and brillant atmoshpere created by the shimmering light of the giant chandelier.

Schwanthaler Straße 13, 80336 Munich
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1 Live Concert / 3 Live Orchestras / 5 International DJs / 6 Great Milongas / 24 Maestros‘ Workshops

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Fabulous Maestras and Maestros

Sebastián Achaval & Roxana Suarez

Sebastián & Roxana are part of the so-called young generation of Tango Salon, whose style combines the aesthetics and tradition of the years of splendor, with a more current vision and technique. Their personal style is characterized by elegance, precision and expressiveness.

Both grown up with tango from their very childhood on, they united their paths back in February 2007 in Buenos Aires after Sebastián had already won the World Tango Salon Championship in 2005. Ever since then they have been continuing learning and evolving. They have been transmitting their knowledge and experience on tours around the world, participating in the most prestigious international festivals and stepping on all continents.

They have also participated in many impressive shows in theaters on Corrientes Avenue back in Buenos Aires where they are maintaining their own tango space in Buenos Aires, called „Ensueño“.

Today the Sebastián and Roxana reside in the city of Barcelona, Spain, from where every weekend they travel to events in different countries to continue sharing with colleagues, friends and students, as they luckily do in Munich for this festival.

Alejandra Mantiñan & Alejandro Lazzaro

“The living legend of Tango“, has been dancing and teaching for the last 30 years.

Based on her knowledge in human anatomy and dance Alejandra created her unique tango methodology, biomechanics, in order to help dancers to move their body and dissociate without the use of force.

According to a recent survey of the most popular tango magazine, The Tangauta, Alejandra Mantiñán, is the woman of “the miraculous feet,” and is the most nominated dancer among participants of World tango. She has danced in more than 20 professional tango shows around the world and has participated in the most important tango festivals.

With Gustavo Russo, her former partner, she currently holds the YouTube tango record of more than 7 million hits. She has also been a partner of Gabriel Missé, Horacio Godoy, Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer, Chicho Frúmboli, Martin Ojeda, Aeoniken Quiroga and others.

In Munich she will be dancing with Alejandro Lazzaro, finalist of the World Tango Salon Championship 2021.

Lucila Cionci & Joe Corbata

Lucila and Joe are considered as one of the most charismatic couples from the new generation of Argentine tango dancers. Their dance, arresting in its plasticity and expressiveness, is characterized by innovative choreography, dynamic improvisation, and a deep sense of connection.

As natives of Buenos Aires, they are part of the teaching staff of Cosmotango (CITA) and honorable members of boars like the International Jury of the World Championship of Tango Argentino or the CID, Conseil International de la Danse of UNESCO. They have taught and performed at the major tango festivals in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and they are highly praised by students of all levels.

In 2007 Lucila and Joe founded Formula Tango as the union of their years of experience in individual events and festivals. Together they blend the beauty of movement, harmony, and connection to create an exciting and unique dance.

Full Workshop Program with all of these Great Teachers

26 Maestros’ workshops to take place in a nearby fully equipped dance school.

Private Lessons

All teachers are also giving private lessons during their stay in Munich.
If you are interested, please contact us:

Special Guests and Local Heroes

We proudly present: Special Guests that give us the honor to join our festival
and High Level Couples representing the local Munich Tango scene

Host Martha on Stage

Martha Giorgi & Ricky Barrios

The actor and dancer Ricky Barrios is part of the young generation of elder milongueros! He has been practicing for more than 35 years as a professional tango dancer and teacher. His distinct style is shaped by a classical attitude as well as from progressive elements. Among his mentors are the choreographer Doris Petroni, and the legendary milonguero masters Oscar Casal, Juan Bruno, Miguel Balmaceda, Antonio Todaro and Domingo Pugliese. Ricky has been traveling the world both as a dancer and as a teacher, choreographer and director, standing out in countless international festivals and productions until these days. In 2019 and 2021 he has additionally published two short story books "The Impostor's Gaze" and "The Impostor's Tango".

Together Martha and Ricky will shine in a glamorous show during the Golden Gala Milonga on Saturday.

Ricky will also give four exciting workshops during the festival to take place on Friday on Monday for beginners and intermediate dancers.

Note: This is a change in schedule. The originally announced dancer Daniel Arroyo is unfortunately not available, We will be happy to welcome him next time soon.

Special Guests:

Roberto Herrera & Ani Andreani

Roberto Herrera’s importance in the history of tango is undoubted. He was a leading dancer for Osvaldo Pugliese, Leopoldo Federico, Sexteto Mayor and many more. He was first dancer of the National Ballet of Folklore of Argentina and part of companies like ‘Tango Argentino’, ‘Tango Pasión’, ‘Tanguera’ and others. From the beginning of the tango world championship, Roberto is a member of it’s jury. The founder of the Herrera Tango Company and Academy is located in Buenos Aires, Milano and finally Munich where he got to know to his today´s partner of life and dance, Ani Andreani. Together they combine traditional tango spirit with contemporary tango trends teaching and performing shows on festivals all around the world.

Duddie Mancini & Salomé Fromonteil

Duddie and Salomé create a reunion of French and Italian tango styles: elegance, musicality, symbiosis and a wide range of flavours. They started dancing and teaching together only recently in Munich but set up performing and teaching all around in Europe and abroad. Their dance takes you on an emotional journey all the way to rhythm, without forgetting the drama!

Federico Suarez & Rebecca Samira

Rebecca from Germany and Federico from Argentina are a young, ambitious, Munich based couple, dancing together since the beginning of 2022. They share a strive to fully express oneself in Tango and it’s music, believing in a solid and clean technical basis and an unwavering connection with your partner. They only recently started participating in European Tango Salon competitions and will give their Munich debut show for you in the Saturday Afternoon Milonga at Conexión Tango Festival!

Natascha Striewski & Axel Gastón

Natascha and Axel

Natascha and Axel are representatives of a new generation or argentine tango dancers located in Munich! Both already born with tango have been experiencing tango music and dance all their lives from childhood on.
These super talented dancers will fascinate the audience with a passionate show of today’s tango.

Martha Giorgi & Natascha Striewski

Something special: mother and daughter dancing tango!!!
Don’t miss this exceptional show in the exceptional Sunday Afternoon Milonga.

Live Orchestras

Living Buenos Aires Tango Music on Stage

Hyperion Ensemble

Live in Milonga and Concert

Cuarteto Pichuco
and Ruben Peloni (Singer)

Live in Milonga

Ranas - Duo Porteño de Tango

Live in Aftermilonga

Fabulous DJs

International Tango DJs from Argentina, USA and Europe let the dancefloor burn!

Ornella Simonetto

Buenos Aires

Ornella is one of the most popular DJs in Buenos Aires these days. She is a main protagonist in the milongas and festivals in the capital of tango. Ornella is a very strong personality full of energy. And she isn’t only a great DJ but also an amazing dancer of Tango (finalist of the world championship 2021) and of Argentine Folklore.

DagKa la Polaca


Dagmara spent many years working in the Balkan region. She dances Argentine Tango since 2005. Following the principle: if there is no tango organise it in 2011 she initiated Argentine tango in Sarajevo where she opened her first milonga “Pocas Palabras.” There she started her DJing adventure. She was DJing on milongas and festivals in Europe (Macedonia N., Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland), as well as on marathons, festivals and milongas in Argentina (Cordoba, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Tandil) and Chile. “I love the Golden Era… what can I do” – Dagmara always follows what happens on the dance floor sensing the feelings of the dancers and on the go prepares tandas, breaking the stereotypes but the same time assuring that each note takes your soul to dance.

Chris Peake


Chris was first drawn to dance tango when he saw tango being danced to alternative music at San Francisco’s legendary Cellspace venue in 2005. He was also thoroughly inspired to continue dancing through the teaching of such modern greats as Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, Chicho Frumboli & Mariana Dragone, Esteban Moreno & Claudia Codega at around the same time.

Within 6 months of starting dancing he helped establish and co-host Sacramento’s monthly La AlterNativa 50/50 milonga, being it’s primary DJ for 10 years. Coming full circle, he then became a regular in the DJ lineup at Cellspace. Since moving to Santa Barbara, he was co-host and DJ of Magnetica alt milonga and DJs regularly in LA.

While also passionate about traditional tango music, he absolutely enjoys the challenge of finding new danceable and mind-opening alternative music.

Baki Vertiola


As soon as Baki started  DJing, he experienced the joy of catching the atmosphere of a moment and share it with those present. It has been his passion from that day on, to enchant dancers with these incomparable moods that only tango is able to create. Baki is looking forward to grant deep insights into his passion with his beautiful music.

Olli Eyding


Olli has been living and dancing in Munich. He was discovered by Tango more than 25 years ago, but his passion for it is still growing. As a Tango DJ Olli’s personal focus is on the early 40ies with their fascinating subtile, rhythmic, elegant and playful energy. What counts most to him when choosing music is danceability. Right behind comes variation. He chooses from rhythmic pieces from the 30ies to melodic and yet carefully selected music of the 50ies, 60ies and 70ies. Also contemporary orchestras help to brighten up his milongas, spiced with some funny, sweet or complex sounds.
He guaranties for a sensitive balancing of moods and complexity in his tandas without ever loosing energy or dynamics in the ronda.  
Dancing should be fun first and foremost.

As a profound expert of tango music and culture Olli is also known as the author of relevant articles e.g. in the Tangodanza magazine where he has been publishing a series on the great orchestras for the Epoqua de Oro.


Wonderful People that help to create unforgettable memories out of the Festival

Anne Camacho

Anne is a passionate tango dancer and an experienced Yogini. She recently absolved a 200hs Teacher Training in Anusara Yoga, a modern Hatha-Yoga method which helps you to aligne body, heart and mind in a healthy way.

Anne invites you to join her Yoga sessions during the Festival to re-connect with yourself and to gently prepare your body for intense hours of dancing.

Karin Lueders

Karin is a professional graphic designer and was also responsible for films as co-producer in an art association. In recent years she has devoted herself entirely to tango dancing and painting. She runs the Tango blog, on everything about tango in general, tango fashion and music. Karin also shoots videos of tango shows, concerts and milongas mainly in Munich and Buenos Aires, to be she shown on the YouTube channel of You Tango. Meanwhile she has a lot of experience in following the dancing couples in a dynamic way with the camera.
We are happy to welcome Karin to do the video documentation during shows and Milongas for the Munich Tango Festival. Smile, when you see her camera

Thomas Lackner

Thomas originally is a scientist, who finished his studies of theoretical physics in Vienna and has held several management positions within Siemens. But he has also been a passionate photographer for more than 20 years specializing in various fields such as theater, street and portrait photography. He loves classical music and has been singing for more than 50 years in various renowned choirs. He got to know tango when he photographed concerts of Roberto Siri, Sexteto Milonguero and a joint show of Munich tango professionals. Have a look on his work. We are happy to have him as our official photographer on the first festival night.

Jens Paritzsch

"Dance. Keep dancing. I will not disturb you. No artificial light, no pose, not even a click of the shutter. I let you pass by me silently and I release. Later, I want you to remember the movement, the breath, the heartbeat, the smell, the skin and the sweat you felt in that moment."
Beautiful words to characterize the work of Jens Paritzsch, architectural and industrial photographer based in Munich. who will be the official festival photographer on Saturday and Sunday. Since he first encountered Argentine Tango as a dancer in Bonn in 2018, he is on the trail of his fascination with his camera. In a self-built camper he travels around in Europe to shoot at milongas, marathons and now for the first time at a top-class international event in Munich. Mostly in black and white, his pictures show tango beyond the mainstream: personalities instead of clichés, emotion without show and authentic beauty that needs no glamour. JePa counters the digital photo hype, which is widespread not only in tango, with an uncompromising image selection and careful editing.
He prefers high-quality fine art prints on baryta paper, which he produces and frames in his own studio, to online publication. A
See also a selection of his self produced and framed Fine Art Tango photos on baryta paper in his upcoming exhibition at the Bürgerhaus Unterschleißheim from November 15 to 30, 2022.
JePa Fine Art Tango on Facebook and on Instagram


What would a good festival be without the beautiful shoes of TangoLeike?
To Munich TangoLeike will not only bring their high heels and men’s Tango shoes - but also some shiny tango fashion -directly from Buenos Aires.

See you in Munich!

We are preparing a wonderful weekend for you.
Looking very much forward to welcoming you and dance.
Stay tuned

Abrazos !

Martha y Anke 🧡

Stay tuned

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